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White Monster Jacket


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Like Dr. Frankenstein, I have discovered a way to resurrect the dead. I scour the bargain bins and second-hand stores for leather on its way to the landfill. I specifically look for garments with wear and tear, the misfit rejects that no one wants anymore. I take them home and carefully extract as much of the leather as I can before I give it new life as an integral part of the new future.

The Monster Jacket is designed so that future repairs, not only won’t detract from, but add to the aesthetic. The Monster Jacket is designed to earn character and gather stories with you along your journey, for life.

This inhouse design features sweeping single lapels and a curved hemline that meets in a point at the center front and back.

Made to measure. Enquire if you dare. See Fitting Guide page for help getting the right size.


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